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When time-sensitive medical resources are being transported, thereʼs no margin for error. But transparency is limited during transport, so siloed stakeholders have no real-time visibility into where materials are, or when theyʼre expected to arrive. This keeps health systems stuck in reaction mode—and patients who are awaiting life-changing care ultimately pay the price.

Enter MediDOT, a first-of-its-kind logistics platform that enables real-time management of time-sensitive medical resources on a centralized communication channel.

MediDOT gives care teams more confidence at every moment through


A centralized
communication platform

accurate ETAs


These capabilities allow health systems to

Empower outcomes

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Reduce waste

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Activate the full power of decentralized healthcare

The ability to confidently manage medical shipments at each moment gives health systems new power to drive quality and minimize costs at every step of the journey.

With MediGO, you can enable timely mobilization of patients, rapid remediation when shipments are delayed or rerouted, and better operative planning—for the benefit of care teams and patients everywhere.

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